I go by the name Andisha, although my formal name is Andon, a photographer with a decade of experience, residing in the coastal city of Varna, Bulgaria, after being born and raised with love in the historic town of Plovdiv.

My journey in photography has been one of quiet observation. I specialize in capturing the subtleties of life, often without the subjects even being aware of my presence. It's a form of artistry that thrives in the shadows, revealing the essence of humanity in its unguarded moments.

Words have never been my forte, I prefer to let my work speak for itself. In a world of noise and endless chatter, I find solace in the language of images.

When not behind the lens, you can often find me amidst the serene grandeur of mountain landscapes. Nature's simplicity and minimalism inspire both my photography and my approach to life.

And in those moments of solitude, music becomes my constant companion, adding depth and emotion to the visual stories I create.

Welcome to my world of silent observation and profound expression through photography. It is an honor to share this journey with you, one frame at a time. 📷